Today is our daughter Joan's 27th birthday. It's a bit hard to grasp that our youngest child is that age when we so readily remember the day of her birth, her first smile, first joke, first violin, first bike ride... Taking the long view, as parents of adult children, increases our awareness of how childhood dashes by.


Recently the spring catalog from Syracuse Cultural Workers arrived. As always, it is full of inspiring information and products oriented to peace, social justice, and green living. But one thing that caught our attention was a joyful image of playing children accompanied by the words:  

"Childhood is a journey, not a race.

Let's slow the pace for our children-

at school, home and at play." *

What a succinct way to express such an important concept.

As wooden toymakers this significant idea is in our minds as we design and make our toys. It informs our decisions as we strive to offer toys that engage a child's imagination.

When there is abundant time for openhearted curiosity, friendship building, and dreams - children, families and all people benefit. 


*--Karen Kerney, Syracuse Cultural Workers copyright 2007 
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