About Us

Then and now.

Greetings and welcome to North Star Toys!

Since 1979 our family has been making quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices for families like yours. Walnut, oak, alder and other fine woods are handcrafted into smooth, durable designs and rubbed with a non-toxic oil to allow the natural beauty to shine. Every toy is made by our hands in our workshop in Questa, New Mexico, USA. Recycled materials are used whenever possible and top priority is given to environmental sustainability.

At North Star Toys we believe that conscious parenting is one of the most wonderful and challenging responsibilities on the planet. It is our hope to support this important endeavor by offering simple toys that stimulate creative, imaginative play. We truly care about the toys we make and hope that they add to the nurturing experiences of childhood.

Children deserve beautiful, functional toys. Our business is to provide you with them and follow up with responsive service. We hope our toys reflect a personal warmth and bring pleasure to you and your family.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes,

The North Star Elves
Timothy, Connie, Claire, and Joan Long

The universal child
surrounded by the love of the heart
reaching for the light…
This symbol of childhood
is the inspiration and aspiration
of North Star Toys

HC81 Box 617
Questa, NM 87556
(575) 586-0112