Happy Hybrid
Happy Hybrid

Happy Hybrid

A compact, easy rolling design with 5 rainbow passengers. This is a   cutie. Hats off to an energy efficient vehicle that provides miles and miles of fun.

Let's go ... green!  

Made of alder and birch, non-toxic paint. (Also available with natural people.)

 5 inches long

Here's what Casey Deuce had to say about the HAPPY HYBRID: (Also, check out the rest of Casey’s blogspot. Very Cool! acouchwithaview.blogspot.com )

"North Star Toys sent me the Happy Hybrid and we were so excited! Lil' Buddy keeps rolling it and yelling at his sister to push it back to him cause its gone too far! He snatches the little colorful people out of it and like every 6 month old would... shoves them in his mouth, but I don't fret... North Star Toys is CPSIA compliant and the little people pass the choke tube test for small objects!"

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